With consistent maintenance your Smugdesk product will last many years of use and performance. Below is the guidance to ensure you have a long lasting product which gives you comfort and pleasure.


Mesh Fabric Protection:

The mesh fabric material we use in all products is easily cleaned and requires the use of a little bit of warm water with diluted mild detergent with a soft cloth to wash and clean the mesh (please don’t use aaa abrasive cloth or sponge as this will damage the mesh fabric). Nevertheless, we recommend the application of minimal water for the seat and just to clean the surface and instead hoover. Once washed please dry thoroughly with a cloth and leave to dry overnight.


For upholstered products please do not use any abrasive cloths as this could damage the material and stitching. for leather products please use a mild detergent with a cloth and warm water and wash, then thoroughly dry with a towel or such. You can equally use a vacuum and its attachments to vacuum the leather or upholstered chair.

Chair Base:

For all our bases in our products we advise just to lightly wash with detergent and a cloth. Afterwards please dry thoroughly.


Wheels through consistent movement can pick up hairs, debris and such. The easiest way to clean these is to remove the entangled items with a vacuum or manually. This will once more increase movement.

Stain Protection:

The longer you leave a stain such as, soft drinks, snacks, hot drinks or food/ oil based stains, the harder it shall prove to remove. To remove these stains we advise immediate action and to use as before mild detergent or a specialised stain remover, firstly ensuring it is compatible with the material ie. leather, mesh, fabric etc, and then cleaning immediately as per the stain removing products instructions. Please dry afterwards and leave to air. If large areas become stained we advise contacting a local dry cleaning service to assist you.