Like any company or brand there is an origin, and it is the stories that make our life and for a company it is no different. Smugdesk started out from humble origins as a small factory producing furniture and after sometime specialising in office furniture.


As China developed and grew with huge economic prowess, corruption grew and unfortunately our Founder at Smugdesk was embroiled in this. Due to his family operated chair factory increasing growth it was targeted by corrupt government officials and he was arrested for failing to meet the increased tax rate. In the 1980’s regulation was little if any to enforce and our founder was arrested, unknowing of his crime and prison sentence to be determined.


In dismay the founders wife took her own life rather than be without him. In such a terrible situation our founder was released due to such personal loss.  Unknowing of what to do, he invested his time and soul into the company he and his late wife built. As time progressed the burden of loss was aided by being all consumed by his business and the pursuit of creating the best product to continue her legacy.


To present our company has grown exponentially and now employs over 3000 members of staff and creates office furniture for some of the biggest multinational companies worldwide. Always paying attention to detail and focusing on her legacy Smugdesk has grown to what it is today.


Our company mission is to create the best products which aid in promoting your health, with the latest technology and advances in office furniture.


Thank you for purchasing Smugdesk!