SmugDesk leads the way in creating great experiences by offering a range of healthy and comfortable chairs and services designed to help people reach their full potential. Adhering to concept of sustainable development, SmugDesk is a modern-space worker of creativity and passion, dedicated to improving people's work and life experience.

To provide people with the high-quality product and good experience, SmugDesk has built a whole industrial chain system integrating design, manufacturing, quality testing, marketing and delivery. After years of accumulation and development, SmugDesk, as a professional chair producer, has been favored by the majority of customers.

Environmental protection is our operating principle. We are committed to promoting sustainability. SmugDesk not only upholds moral values, but also pursues the best solutions to build a better future for people and the planet.


Chair is the important witness of the times change and development, which had witnessed that how people break down old ideas and ways of life to establish new order and ideals. The story about SmugDesk also begins from Chair.

In the modern home furnishing industry, we realized that there was a lack of platform that could connect the manufacturers with designers. Manufacturers need designers' creativity and ideas, while designers need manufacturers to realize their design ideas into reality. Therefore, in 2000, SmugDesk was born and a group of excellent industrial designers have been gathered to focus on the design and production of chairs.

However, the course of pursuing dreams never runs smoothly for it is full of ups and downs and turns. We found that the production didn’t meet the original requirements of the designers, and the materials had a great impact on the final product. It was a challenge to achieve the balance between beauty and practicality. It never start for a good product until the real standard of good chair has been established.

Since 2003, we have began to set up the product testing center and customer service center. We have been making great efforts in the research and development of ergonomic chairs, making further research in ergonomics, materials and performance of chairs. We traveled around the world to Milan, Italy, Cologne, Germany and many office furniture exhibitions to absorb nutrition, hoping to integrate the most advanced fashion design trends into the our products. We paid attention to customer experience and understand customer demand to create the feedback channels and improve customer experience and product services. Complying with the development of times and customer demand changes, we were determined to produce healthy, comfortable and beautiful products.

For a good chair, health and comfort must be the main appeals. However, comfort is indefinable. According to doctors, keeping the spine in its natural state is comfort . But what is natural state? Every individual is different and how can we find a unified standard? Through the research we found that most furniture was to comfort as the first appeal, and health was placed in the second. However, we insisted that health comes first and comfort takes a back seat. Because, for white-collar workers, their one third of lile time is spent in the chair. Producing the chairs that help people keep healthy is our responsibility, which is also the realization of humanization thinking. We integrated the humanization thinking into the excellent design to fundamentally improve the product.

As an enterprise, we also have the responsibility to promote a healthy, civilized and simple living environment, telling people how to achieve the healthy life they want.

We look towards the future from the very beginning. From the inception to numerous breakthroughs, SmugDesk is committed to realizing insights, producing healthy, comfortable and beautiful chairs, constantly changing and redefining the concept of work style.


Over the years, we've persistently run our business in a extraordinary way and adhered to the seven values to drive our business better.

At SmugDesk,we:

Act with integrity

Tell the truth

Keep commitments

Treat people with dignity and respect

Promote positive relationships

Protect the environment

Strive for excellence


We Support Creative Interaction and Innovate Work-Style.

It is our mission to provide healthy and beautiful products. We will continue to provide support to help people maintain physical and mental health and achieve productive and creative work-style. We adhere to the environmental protection and adapt advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment and ergonomic technique, applying big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies in the production and manufacturing, to produce healthy, comfortable, beautiful and environment-friendly products, and innovate the work style.

We Design for Sustainability.

We provide our customers with the best office furniture solutions thus we make sure that every product must be environmentally friendly. Therefore, from design, production, delivery to each step of the product life cycle, we carefully consider the product's impact on human and the environment, and constantly seek for improvement.

We Create the Long-term Value.

Our vision is clear: to create long-term value for our customers, our employees, our partners and the environment.

We achieve our objectives by:

Provide products and solutions that benefit human

Provide consulting services to customers to help them achieve life vision

Work with partners to promote scientific and practical approaches to sustainable development

Improve supply chain

Be socially responsible